Favorites List - FAQ's

1) Song Favorites - As you browse and play the videos in any Song Catalog (for instance, “Sight Words - Alphabetical Order)… Check the "Favorite Video" box under any video being played and you'll see the name appear in a list, below the movie on the left. It will show the "Song Name", a "Play" icon, "Move-Up" icon, "Move-Down" icon, and "Delete" icon. As you browse and view other videos, keep checking the "Favorite Video" box and you’ll see them start stack up under the main video screen (see example below). Move them up or down on the list or delete, as you choose, and these selections will remain in place every time you return to that set of songs! While we hope to implement a "Play All" feature for this list again, for now it's a useful way to get to easily get to the songs you need, with minimal scrolling!

Another useful feature is the "Repeat" checkbox, which lets you repeat any video as it plays, until you uncheck or select another video. 

2) Catalog Favorites - If you've rented a set of songs that you have trouble finding again, just highlight the little heart and  it will sort to the top of your catalog page, to help you easily get back to the right set, every time you log in!